10 Unique Ways To Use Hydrosols In Your Daily Life

If you have been wondering what hydrosols are all about, you would be surprised to know that you have been using one particular hydrosol for years – Rose hydrosol, also known as rose water. It is not only a trusted home remedy for glowing skin in Indian households, but also the oldest known hydrosol or flower water to be documented in history. Legend says that Cleopatra used rose water as a natural perfume for her skin as well as her ships!

Hydrosols or ‘flower waters’ are simply byproducts of the steam-distillation process. In this method, fresh plant matter such as the pulp, leaves, roots, stems or flowers of a plant are gently heated to extract their essential oils. The condensate collected in this process is known as a hydrosol or hydrolat. Earlier, hydrosols were discarded as residual waste. However, they are now being widely recognised for their abundant benefits in natural beauty and wellness rituals.

How To Use Hydrosols In Multiple Ways?

We all love using hydrosols in our skin care and hair care rituals. However, did you know that they have plenty of notable uses in other areas of our life too? Here are 10 different ways of using hydrosols in our daily life:

1. Blend It With Makeup

Instead of drenching your makeup sponge with water, spray some Rose Hydrosol on it for added hydration and soothing properties. This is a good practice especially if your skin looks dry or flushed after makeup application.

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2. Keep Linens Fresh

Hydrosols can be used as natural linen sprays to keep your clothes smelling pleasant. Simply spray pure Rose Hydrosol on your clothes or bedding once they are fresh out of the dryer. You can also spray Rosemary Hydrosol on linens between wash days to keep them fresh.

3. Combat Body Odour

When sweat meets bacteria, it can make our armpits smell unpleasant. Spray lemongrass hydrosol on clean, dry underarms generously to keep your skin fresh. It also provides antibacterial properties that help keep bacterial growth at bay.

4. Sleep Peacefully

Inhaling natural aromas is clinically proven to improve one’s sleep quality. Spray some Rose Hydrosol on your pillow and sheets to sleep better at night.

5. Cook Aromatic Dishes

Pure, edible rose water can be added to desserts, smoothies and rice-based dishes to give them a luxurious, floral aroma, and a natural rose flavour. Including edible rose water in your diet also helps keep your body cool and balances gut health. 

6. Clear Your Sacred Space

Herbal aromas that are grounding in nature can be used to keep the energy of your home temple or meditation area light and pure. Spray holy basil hydrosol in and around your sacred space every day to keep the surrounding atmosphere pleasant and positive.

7. Amplify Spiritual Rituals

Rose hydrosol is considered a powerful ingredient in spiritual practices. It is known to vibrate at a higher frequency than other floral waters. Sprinkle pure rose hydrosol on your altar and use it in your healing rituals to amplify your spiritual practice.

8. Ward Off Mosquitoes

Holy basil hydrosol and lemongrass hydrosol are natural bug repellents. Blend them together in equal quantities and spray this blend on your skin, hair, clothes and bedding every few hours to keep mosquitoes at bay.

9. Freshen Up Yoga Mats

Rosemary hydrosol can be used as a surface disinfectant for yoga and meditation mats. It also helps keep the mat fresh and prevents foul odours. You can also spray peppermint hydrosol on and around your meditation zone to improve focus.

10. Relax After Workouts

Use lemongrass hydrosol as a refreshing and calming spray on your body after exercising. It is beneficial in masking body odour and rejuvenating your senses.

About Blend It Raw Apothecary Hydrosols

  • Our hydrosols are steam-distilled using fresh and organic plant matter. We source them from different regions of India such as Uttarakhand, Kashmir valley and the upper Himalayas where the climate supports a healthier harvest of flowers and herbs.
  • Blend It Raw Apothecary’s hydrosols are cruelty-free, vegan and 100% pure. They are free from preservatives, and are packed in amber glass bottles to preserve their freshness and keep them safe from heat and light.





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