Blend Your Own Skincare With Our DIY Subscription Box

According to us, skincare becomes self care when you take complete charge of your skin. Feeling different oils, choosing herbs and whipping up a product yourself makes you take out some time from your everyday life to take care of yourself while having fun. It is indeed relaxing.

Each DIY box comes with 5-7 organic, sustainably packed ingredients that are sourced from farmers and NGOs all across India. The ingredients will always be unique and the recipes won’t repeat too.

Along with the ingredients, you will receive a document via email containing descriptions on how to use those ingredients & step by step guide to make different skincare preparations using the products in the box, fun tags to use for your DIY products and a coupon code to avail free shipping on your next order with us. The PDF provided will ensure that you make full use of each ingredients’ potential.

Price of the box:- 1490/- for one month subscription & 4100/- for 3 months subscription. Each box comes with free shipping.

Each month’s box will ship out on 1st of every month and the full ingredients list will be a surprise for you. We will also make each month’s box available for sale as a normal product after 7th of every month at the price of 1599/- per box and the coupon code won’t be provided.

Our first box i.e. JUNE BOX contains ingredients to make a GREEN HAIR SMOOTHIE– a deeply nourishing and healing hair mask, beneficial for stimulating scalp for encouraging hair growth, healing itchy scalp & dandruff, and preventing premature greying of hair. In short, cooking healthy for your hair.

JULY BOX is focussed on Ayurvedic Herbs and the main recipe is AYURVEDIC BATH POWDER– a powder made with finely ground ayurvedic herbs to use every single day instead of soaps to bathe. This bathing powder will remove dirt, tan, dead skin cells, body acne and body odor while working on healing pigmentation and many minor skin issues due to the healing properties of the herbs added. It will make your bathing a luxurious ayurvedic experience.

AUGUST BOX will help you create your own SCALP SCRUB– a green mushy paste to exfoliate scalp, remove scalp build-up, heal dandruff and itchy scalp and boost circulation in scalp to promote hair growth. Unlike commercial scalp scrubs, this won’t dry your scalp. This easy to make and use scalp scrub combines goodness of macerated oils and finely milled herbs with an exfoliating ingredient. Along with the recipe of this scalp scrub, you will receive recipes to create your own cooling face and body scrub, acne spot treatment mask, scalp massage oil and hair mask using the ingredients in the box.

SEPTEMBER BOX makes you DIY skin and hair care using fruits and vegetables, hence the name FARMERS MARKET DIY BOX. This box is super interesting with so many unique recipes including ingredients like Spinach, Banana, Fennel, Lemon, Moringa and Oats. You will be able to make your own cleanser, face masks, Bi-phase makeup remover and hair spray, face scrub and nourishing hair mask.

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