We want to incorporate herbs grown abundantly only within India into your daily rituals. All these ethically grown ingredients are multipurpose- they can be used directly for your skin & hair or whipped up into concoctions of your choice for natural beauty, home, health & aromatherapy.

It’s been over four years since our sourcing days, and we’re still committed to our founding values – packaging ingredients in their purest form, working with farmers to responsibly source high quality ingredients, and most importantly – making easy to follow DIY recipes available to you.

We hope you experience the purity & love we put in each of our ingredients when you incorporate them into your daily lives.

Message from the founder

Coming from a middle class family, I was never allowed to buy skincare stuff and my mother used to DIY simple masks and oils at home. As I grew up, I started to develop interest in DIYs, herbalism & aromatherapy and ordered few ingredients from amazon which turned out to be horrible. Cold pressed oils were transparent, herbs had stones to increase weight and hibiscus powder was full of foam as filler which motivated me to work on sourcing the ingredients locally from different places in India. I invested everything I earned from giving tuition classes & my blog in travelling to source ingredients and gradually partnered with wonderful people across India to supply me ingredients direct from the source. During this time I also enrolled myself into an organic skincare formulation course & then into a herbalism course solely with the motive to understand herbs, oils and clays better. In Jan 2017, I started this brand with this DIY Hair Mask kit & gradually expanded it into the product range we have today. I find DIY skin care enjoyable and rewarding, like cooking a meal the way you like it, using the ingredients you choose and tweaking it however you feel like to make it perfect for you. I hope you find what you need and enjoy blending your own skincare with Blend It Raw Apothecary. Well not just skincare, all our ingredients can be incorporated in DIYs for your home, aromatherapy as well as health.Our quality will never disappoint you!I want to personally be easily accessible to all customers who have questions or need help in creating their own DIYs. Want to get DIY recipes from me? Just whatsapp me to 8929632789 with your order number and I will share DIYs & creative ways to use for the ingredients you ordered.  – Aarushi Singhal