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Hair Growth Challenge by Aarushi (April’21)

Hair Growth Challenge- I started this challenge last year in November to be consistent with my hair care ritual. While I was taking care of my hair using DIY hair masks & hair oils, I shared them on my personal page & a lot of you joined me in the challenge. This challenge not only […]

Remedies & Tips for Dry Itchy Skin in Winters

Winters are harsh especially for people who face extremely dry itchy skin during colder months. I am certainly one of those who hates winters because of the constant itchy dry winter skin. However, over the years I have experimented with a number of products, tips and tricks to calm down my skin. Some things worked […]

Hair Growth Challenge by Aarushi (November)

Hi guys, this is Aarushi, the founder of Blend It Raw Apothecary. If you follow me on my personal profile Glitter Naturally, you would know that I used to have long hair until I cut them soon after lockdown out of boredom. And you know this drill, once we chop off our long hair to […]

What are Hydrosols & How to Use Them?

Hydrosols have been gaining importance in skincare, haircare and aromatherapy a lot as  people are getting more and more into plant based beauty and wellness  rituals. We have received numerous questions from customers asking “What is a Hydrosol” so I am finally writing down this detailed article which will explain you what are hydrosols, how […]

7 Ways to Use Carrier Oils in Your Skin and Hair Care

Count on cold-pressed carrier oils to give you well-nourished skin and hair. Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and phytonutrients,  carrier oils deeply nourish skin and hair. Carrier oils are usually plant-based oils extracted from nuts or a seeds used to nourish and heal the skin.  They can be used alone directly or in combination […]

Flower Power: 4 Amazing Floral Powders for Healthy, Glowing Skin

When it comes to natural skincare, flowers are the key to unlocking healthy and radiant skin. The skincare benefits of flowers have been emphasized in several cultures across the world since ancient times. They are a powerhouse of bioactive compounds that rejuvenate your skin and fix all your skin issues. Believe us, once you start using […]

Ethically Sourced Indian Ingredients For Skincare & Aromatherapy

indian ingredients for skincare and haircare, organic ingredients supplier

At Blend It Raw Apothecary, our ingredients come straight from nature in their purest forms. We supply cold pressed, unrefined carrier oils, steam distilled hydrosols and essential oils, shade dried herbs and herbal powders, clays and butters which are all ethically sourced from small farmers, NGOs, certified organic manufacturers and suppliers all across India. We […]

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