Hair Growth Challenge by Aarushi (November)

Hi guys, this is Aarushi, the founder of Blend It Raw Apothecary. If you follow me on my personal profile Glitter Naturally, you would know that I used to have long hair until I cut them soon after lockdown out of boredom. And you know this drill, once we chop off our long hair to experiment, we start regretting our decision. Even though I am loving this low maintenance short hair life, I am also missing having long hair. So, I am going to take proper care for my hair nourishment from now on so that we can get back the length and of course the hair health.

This time I planned to create this Hair Growth Challenge where I will be sharing hair care tips, DIYs for champi oil and hair masks on a regular basis and you guys will have to join me in everything I do for promoting healthy hair growth and mainly for GOOD HAIR HEALTH. In addition to this, I have planned to include one superfood too for everyday consumption which we generally ignore. This will not only be great for hair but also our health. I am doing this as it will really help you all stay regular with your haircare ritual without the need of incorporating too many expensive hair masks or oils.

For the November Hair Growth Challenge, I have chosen Moringa as my main ingredient for consumption and DIY Hair masks & oil.

Why Moringa?

Moringa Leaves are rich in Vitamin A, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium- all of which are great for hair growth when consumed and applied topically. If you all don’t know, Moringa is nothing but our humble sehjan/drumstick tree. We are going to use moringa leaves powder for this challenge. If you have a tree near your home, you can choose to use fresh leaves.

If not, you can get this Moringa Powder.

Moringa Oil extracted from the seeds of moringa tree is rich in antioxidants and vitamin A and E. The oleic acid in moringa oil helps to strengthen the hair and retain moisture. It’s antibacterial properties can help keep dandruff and/or dry scalp away as well. Moringa has one of the highest naturally occurring levels of behenic acid, a common ingredient in hair conditioners which implies that it will also help in hair softening.

You can get this Moringa Oil.

Other than these two ingredients, we will only be using kitchen ingredients.

What to do for this Haircare Challenge?

It can sound too much work but once you start doing this regularly, all of this will become a part of your ritual.

  • Scalp Massage with Moringa Oil once a week (midweek)
  • A simple hair mask with Moringa Powder on weekend
  • Hair Rinse after shampoo
  • Protecting hair styles every single day (braids to be precise). I will also be doing buns on some days.
  • No heating tools
  • No hot water hair wash
  • Daily consumption of Moringa Leaf Powder

I will be measuring the length of my hair from starting to ending of this challenge. If you want, you can too but just a reminder- while you will DEFINITELY see a difference in hair health (shine, texture and frizz), speed or amount of hair growth varies a lot from individual to individual.

The challenge has started:

Find out the week by week compilation of DIYs and tips below to start the challenge as per your convenience. Also, follow me on @glitternaturally  for daily updates.

  • I have been including Moringa Powder in different ways in my diet. 1 teaspoon for a day is enough otherwise it can get too warming for the body. You can include Moringa Powder in your roti/chila/dosa batter, add it to rice, mix it up in your morning green juice or just add a teaspoon to warm water and gulp it down first thing in the morning to start the day on alkaline note. My muma also adds it to dal sometimes.
  • Some tips to follow throughout the month for Healthy Hair

-Keep your hair tied in brainds. Why? When your hair is neatly tied in a braid, there is less hair breakage, as opposed to when you leave it loose. If you cannot keep them tied for the entire day, do tie them when you go to bed. If your hair is super dry/rough, apply few drops of Moringa Oil to hair ends and then braid them.

– No hot water for hair wash: Hot water strips your hair of natural oils, especially if the temperature is too high. This will leave your hair with no natural, valuable oil and leave it looking dry and brittle. Hot water dries out scalp, which can lead to itchiness and dandruff. Luke warm water is fine.

– No heating tools for styling. Let your hair be as they are.

Since we have already discussed the benefits of Moringa Oil above,  let us talk about why oiling your hair and massaging your scalp with an oil is important-

Moisturizes your hair: Our hair tends to get dry with the exposure to pollution, sun, dry winds and shampoos. Oiling regularly prevents dry and frizzy hair.
Nourishes the scalp: Different oils possess minerals and vitamins essential to hair roots strengthening and hair growth. Massaging your scalp with oils ensures that your scalp is getting enough nutrients for hair growth.
Promotes hair growth: Massaging your scalp also stimulates the scalp for healthy hair growth and reduce hair fall.
Prevents and heals dandruff: Dandruff is attracted to an overly dry and sweaty scalp, this can be difficult because dust and pollution can cause the dryness. Applying oil regularly overnight can help prevent dead skin cell build-up which is another reason for dandruff.
Prevents scalp infections: Scalp massage reduces scalp build up which can result in infections and oils possess anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which can help prevent various scalp infections.
– Relaxes you like nothing else can!

To do today’s hair champi, you can either just use warm Moringa Oil or infuse it with some other ingredients. I have chosen fresh Curry Patta/Curry Leaves. Thanks to its antibacterial, antifungal and cleansing properties, curry leaves benefits the scalp, help promote healthy hair growth and prevent premature greying of hair. You can also choose to infuse grated ginger/fenugreek seeds/hibiscus etc.

To infuse, in a double boiling setup- add 5-6 tablespoons of Moringa Oil with 1 tablespoon of any crushed ingredient that you choose. Let the oil heat for 15 minutes, take it off heat and let it infuse for few hours before sieving and using. Massage this concoction on your scalp properly. Apply it on your hair from roots to ends. Keep it for a few hours and later wash your hair as usual.

See you on Sunday (21st Nov’20). I will be sharing a DIY HAIR MASK with Moringa Powder for this challenge.

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