Apricot Kernel Meal (Apricot Scrub)- Gutti Khal, 100g


Quantity: 100g

  • Our Apricot Kernel Meal is ground from the kernels of the apricot fruit when the gutti oil is cold pressed.
  • This finely ground powder is perfect for gentle exfoliation without making your skin dry. It turns into a milky paste when you add water because of the presence of apricot oil in it.
  • Use it as a face and body scrub just as it is or mix with our Rose Petals Powder to make a tan removal body scrub.
  • It has a lovely aroma because of it’s Apricot oil (chuli oil) content.
  • Just mix a half tablespoon of our apricot kernel meal or gutti ki khal with rose water or milk for a mild exfoliator that won’t make your skin dry.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

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