Castor Oil, 100ml [Arandi Ka Tel for Hair & Skin]


Quantity: 100 ml

Extracted from Castor Beans sourced from South India, our Castor Oil is a thick oil which can be used for face, hair, body and lips. Its rare and dense content of ricinoleic acid helps balance your skin and scalp pH to foster better hair growth.

Ways to use our Castor Oil:
Hair Oil: Mix it in equal parts with any of our carrier oil and massage all over scalp and hair. Leave it overnight and shampoo the next day.
Soothing Balm for chapped lips/sunburnt skin/rashes: Melt 2 tablespoons of our Kokum Butter in a double boiler setting, take it off heat once melted, add a tablespoon of Castor Oil, mix well, pour in a jar and let it freeze.
Cleansing Oil: Castor oil works great in removing impurities from the pores. Mix equal parts of Castor Oil and any of our castor oil in a bottle. Use this mixture as your first cleanser in double cleasing routine.
Brow Oil: Apply directly on eyebrows using a brow brush every night.

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