Neem Oil [Cold Pressed Unrefined Neem Oil], 120ml


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Our Neem oil is extracted from the seeds of the tropical tree Azadirachta indica, also known as the Indian Lilac. Our Neem oil is of highest quality obtained through the process of cold pressing.

Neem Oil for Acne Prone Skin: Neem oil kills bacteria and fungus and is also an anti-inflammatory.
To treat acne or fungal infections use undiluted neem oil to spot treat affected areas. Lightly dab the neem oil onto the area using a cotton swab or cotton ball, and allow it to soak in for up to 20 minutes. Wash off the oil with warm water. Use daily until you achieve desired results.

Neem Oil for itchy scalp/dandruff: Neem oil, for its anti-fungal properties, makes for an effective remedy to combat the dandruff. This oil is well-known for its use in treating head lice.
To use, mix Neem Oil in equal parts with Coconut Oil and massage it on scalp.

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