Wild Harvested Stinging Nettle Leaves (Dried),50g


Quantity: 50g (comes in pouch)

Blend It Raw Apothecary’s Nettle Leaves are hand collected in the wild mountains of Uttarakhand, sorted, cleaned and then shade dried.

Nettle Leaves for hair care: Nettle leaves are rich in silica and sulfur which helps in making hair shinier and healthier. When used for hair, Nettle can help clear dandruff and reduce hair fall. Not only does nettle help in combating hair loss, it also helps in hair re-growth. Brew its tea and use it as hair rinse or hair mask activator.

Nettle Leaves for skin care: Nettle works great for acne prone skin as it is known to cure acne. Brew its tea and use it as a facial rinse or face mask activator.

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