Kashmiri Dried Lavender Buds, 50g


Quantity: 50g (comes in pouch)

Grown, hand collected and shade dried in the valley of Kashmir, these lavender buds smell divine. Not only do they smell great, they are great for skin and hair care.

– Lavender body scrub (just add a few buds to your regular body scrub recipes)
– Grind into a fine powder and mix with Kaolin clay and a little water for a face mask
– infuse in oil and use as a massage lotion
– lavender tea (use it in your hair masks instead of water)
– mix with epsom salt and add to a cloth tea bag for a soothing bath soak
– sprinkle in a bowl of hot water for a facial steam
– Lavender pillow
– Lavender salve for dry hands


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