Turmeric Hydrosol [Turmeric Toner/ Turmeric Water]

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Quantity: 100 ml

  • Our Turmeric Hydrosol is steam distilled from brightly colored organic turmeric roots, Turmeric hydrosol is a clear, almost colorless liquid.
  • Turmeric Hydrosol benefits for skin: With a spicy and earthy aroma, our organic turmeric hydrosol makes a lovely facial toner for a radiant complexion for all skin types. It is also helpful for minor skin irritations. It’s anti-inflammatory + powerful antioxidant qualities help to reduce skin inflammation while aiding in wound healing. It contains a huge source of antibacterial constituents that help to slow down free radical damage to skin cells while helping to reduce acne & scarring.
  • Use it as a facial toner or add it to your face masks instead of water to activate.

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