White Turmeric Powder [Poolankilangu/Zedoaria], 50g


Net qty: 50g

White Turmeric is an ancient spice, a close relative to regular turmeric and native to India. It’s smell is similar to turmeric and mango. It is highly fragrant compared to normal turmeric or yellow wild turmeric variety.

White Turmeric for skin:  This cream colour wild turmeric is a rarely available variety and a natural remedy for all your skin problems. Best for acne, pimples, dark spot etc. It doesn’t stain your face or skin, unlike yellow variety of wild turmeric.It is best for anti ageing treatment. It nourishes skin and heals tired damaged skin. It is extremely good for healing acne and other skin problems. 

Usage: Do not use directly as it is one strong ingredient. Take one tablespoon of Clay/Gram Flour/Rice Flour & add 1/4th teaspoon of White Turmeric to it to make a face mask.

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