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Hair Growth Challenge by Aarushi (April’21)

Hair Growth Challenge- I started this challenge last year in November to be consistent with my hair care ritual. While I was taking care of my hair using DIY hair masks & hair oils, I shared them on my personal page & a lot of you joined me in the challenge. This challenge not only […]

Hair Care Using Moringa Oil

Moringa- a humble tree which is now recognized as a western world superfood. However, if we think about it- Moringa has forever been a part of our Indian food & ayurveda. Each part of this tree- leaves, pods, bark has medicinal benefits. In addition to health, they can be extremely effective ingredients for our skin […]

Hair Growth Challenge by Aarushi (November)

Hi guys, this is Aarushi, the founder of Blend It Raw Apothecary. If you follow me on my personal profile Glitter Naturally, you would know that I used to have long hair until I cut them soon after lockdown out of boredom. And you know this drill, once we chop off our long hair to […]

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