Amla Pulp Powder [No seeds/peels added], 100g


Quantity: 100g (comes in pouch)

Our Amla Powder is created by converting dried organic Amla Pulp into fine powder. Unlike other sellers, we don’t use seeds and peel to make the powder, only Amla Pulp goes into the powder.

Amla Powder Hair Mask: Amla promotes hair growth, deals with premature greying of hair and treats lice and dandruff. It also brightens up the skin tone if used on the face. Apply it as a hair mask mixed with water/hydrosol.

Amla Powder as Face Mask: When used regularly, amla pulp powder can help reduce skin hyperpigmentation. Or mix it in equal parts with our Wild Turmeric and apply it as a brightening face mask.

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